Replacing the Autosampler Arm Assembly - NIC RA-4 Series

Replacing the Autosampler Arm Assembly - NIC RA-4 Series

This operation should only be performed after consultation with AGS or NIC service personnel.
1)  With the RA-4 powered ON, click the top right icon in the software to move the arm to the down position.

2)  Power OFF the analyzer.

3)  Remove the right side panel of the RA-4 (side with power switch) by removing the Phillips screws in the exterior of the side and then the hex screws on the inside of the panel.

4)  Remove the top arm from the autosampler by removing the two screws as shown in the diagram below:


5)  Remove the white metal cover from the autosampler tower as shown in the diagram below:


6)  Locate and remove the wires from the wire connectors and the wire harnesses as noted in the picture below.  Note that there are fine (5) wire connectors to be disconnected.  Refer to the replacement assembly for help in identifying all of the connectors.  They are all labeled on both ends of each connector.


7)  Locate the three screws holding the autosampler arm assembly in place and remove them.  If the wires are all disconnected properly, you can now lift the entire assembly out of the analyzer.


8)  To install the new assembly, place it into position, tighten into place with the three screws, connect all 5 wire connectors, and then make certain the wires are placed into the wire harnesses to protect against snagging during operation.  Follow these instructions in reverse order to complete the installation.

9)  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact AGS Scientific, Inc. for assistance.

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